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Maximum return on your investments while providing you with the tools for the quick delivery to your accountant during tax time. This is the perfect loan for your investment properties, but you can also take advantage of this great rate for your owner occupied property.

Simply Better
Investment+ Rate
Comparison Rate



Rates correct as at 24 May 2016

Annual Fees $345 Annual Fee
Break Costs No break costs if you pay out our variable loan early.
Repayment Frequency Weekly, fornightly or monthly.
Interest only 10 year interest only, then changes over to P&I.
Extra Repayments Unlimited on variable rate product
Loan Splitting Up to 6 splits for better investment management with a minimum split of $10,000 per split.
Loan Portability If you buy another property, you can keep the same loan and secure it against your new home.
Redraw Easily available.
Maximum loan size to property value (LVR) You can borrow up to 90% of the property’s value plus capitalisation of Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Up to 80% of the property’s value does not require LMI.

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